A New High in Relaxation: CBD Massages 
Stressed? We offer now CBD oil massages.

If you’re able to steal an extra day—even an extra afternoon—in your hotel, a little Me Time, seems just the thing. A massage in your Hotel room, perhaps.

Incorporating CBD into Massage TherapyThe benefits of both massage therapy and CBD individually provide great relief to the body. When CBD is incorporated into massage therapy the results can be more intense. CBD will bind and act on the CB2 receptors which can be found near the skin. This will activate the endocannabinoid system to deliver relief.

Since CBD is non-psychoactive so you do not have to worry about getting a high feeling from the CBD massage. If you were to get a massage that incorporated both THC and CBD topical products, you still wouldn’t feel a high. This study
concludes that the body has a low absorption rate for these cannabinoids and never absorbed into the bloodstream.

Cannabis Oil Infused Massage Theraphy

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Massage with CBD Oil

  • Stress relief. Lower heart rate and blood pressure in just one session of a massage. Adding a CBD massage to your routine can significantly reduce stress levels.
  • Relaxation. Getting a massage will force you to be relax. Your body’s cortisol levels will decrease allowing you to be relax and be restful.
  • Muscles. If you suffer from neck or back pain, releasing tension from your muscles might be what you are looking for. Massage therapy with relax any tense muscles.
  • Headaches. Treat headaches and tension related headaches with a massage. By focusing on the neck, shoulders and head tension that causes a headache is released.
  • Improves posture. Poor posture can have cruel effects on the body. Muscles are loose as the tension leaves, there is more flexibility in the body.